ARC always advise on the best and most cost effective solution to manage your ACM’s (Asbestos Containing Material) on site.

Asbestos may not always require removal, therefore we may be able to offer encapsulation as a solution providing the following is in place.

When removing an ACM proves difficult to remove (whether or not the material is going to be disturbed for planned renovation or not practical to do so) then encapsulation is a proven method that can be used. Encapsulation should only be considered if the ACM is in good condition.

An encapsulant known in the trade as “ET150”, when applied using multiple layers is suitable for managing asbestos insulation materials, asbestos boards, and sprayed coatings. It is a high quality polymer emulsion thatis easily applied by spray or brush to provide a durable and flexible, water resistant finish over a wide service temperature range. ET150 has Class 0 Compliance and therefore dries to form a flame-resistant finish.